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Two pine needle earrings with purple coloured twine on isolated white backdrop

Pine Needle Earrings

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Artist: Rolene Edwards, Nlaka'pamux
Material: Ponderosa pine needles, artificial sinew

Diameter: 1" across

These are lightweight, delicate-looking earrings with a faint sweet ponderosa aroma. 

The earrings are made with two simple materials: fresh-harvested pine needles, and acrylic sinew. With time and direct sunlight, the needles will gradually change to a light golden colour.

Artist Rolene Edwards has been creating pine needle art for twenty years—since she was a teenager—and incorporates traditional techniques into her own original designs.

Visit our retail store to see more of Rolene's work, such as intricately woven lidded baskets; for some, she uses pine pitch as a natural glue to fasten an ornamental pinecone. 

In the words of the artist:

"I collect the pine needles in the Lytton area, and use artificial sinew for now (until I can make my own). I love to teach and hope to teach more youth this beautiful art."

Because they are handmade with natural materials, no two pairs will be exactly alike, and they may differ slightly from the product photos.