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Painted Pictograph Stone Necklace

Handmade by Rilan Roziere

These pendants features a pictograph from the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park. The SkalOOla (owl) is a protector figure, traditionally painted in red ochre on cliff faces.

To make the coin pendants, Rilan painstakingly filed down a piece of local stone, and then painted the pictographs using red Indian ink.

  • ¾″ diameter
  • 30″ chain


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Rilan Roziere

Stone carver  |  Lytton, BC
Before the Lytton fire, Nlaka’pamux artist Rilan Roziere used tools passed down by father to continue the family legacy of creating hand-carved items from local stone. He lost those tools when the Lytton fire took his home. Now, in temporary accommodations in Kamloops, Rilan makes delicate stone jewellery with minimal tools and hours of patience.