Kéwkʷu Hat in Grey

Hat Size Chart

Handknit by Meghan Fandrich

This is the simple, elegant, lightweight hat that stays comfortable all day. The soft grey comes from myrobalan and a drop of rust.

Kéwkʷu (or kAwquoo) is the Nlaka’pamuxcin word for Artemisia tridentata, Sagebrush, the silvery desert plant that warms the air with its spicy fragrance. The literal translation of kAwquoo is “far from water.”

Materials: 100% organic cotton


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Meghan Fandrich

Knitter | Lytton, BC

Meghan was born in Lytton and it is has been her home for most of her life. Although she defines herself as a knitter, not a businessperson, she is the woman behind Klowa.

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