Donate a Hat to a Lytton Evacuee

Handknit by Meghan Fandrich

An offer of love and support: donate a handmade winter hat to someone who lost their home.

Before the fire, many residents of Lytton owned at least one Nlaka’pamux Pictograph Hat from Klowa. Those hats, like all of their belongings and our whole community, were lost in the fire.

For each donation, we’ll do a random draw to choose the address of a destroyed home, and contact the residents directly. They will design their own hat choosing the colours, size, and a pictograph or “Lytton Strong” style.

Then Meghan will knit a personalized hat just for them, and hand-deliver it whenever possible.


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Meghan Fandrich

Knitter | Lytton, BC

Meghan was born in Lytton and it is has been her home for most of her life. Although she defines herself as a knitter, not a businessperson, she is the woman behind Klowa.

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