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DM Toques to Lytton Knittin’

Long ago, in the winter of 2006, two young friends (Drey and Meghan, or “DM”) put a name to the piles of hats they’d been making. DM Toques was born. Those hats were “as unique as each Lytton local” and were knit and crocheted through Lytton summers and university winters.

Years later, Meghan was still knitting, still selling at markets and craft fairs, still finding inspiration in her hometown of Lytton. A little retail space was built and suddenly DM Toques had a home: Meghan opened Lytton Knittin’, a yarn store that carried her hats and other local handcrafts.

Klowa Art Café

In 2016, Meghan & her husband Jason bought the building next door and named the new shop Klowa, after a nearby mountain. Local artisans brought their beautiful work in, and Meghan brought her newborn Helen to the shop too.

Klowa was constantly evolving. A good friend Sandra added a coffeeshop. The empty courtyard space turned into a beautiful garden. Everything grew and blossomed.

By 2021, Klowa featured the work of 75 local artisans, employed a team of young women, served good coffee & fresh food, and was a vibrant, flourishing community space.

The Lytton Fire

On June 30, 2021, a fire tore through the Village of Lytton and Lytton First Nation, and destroyed everything in its path. The whole community was devastated, and Klowa was gone.

Out of the Ashes

Now, in this post-fire world, Klowa is evolving again.

In the Village of Lytton, the recovery is slow and rebuilding is in the uncertain future. But in the area around Lytton, and in those places where its residents have scattered, Lytton’s artisans are using the creative process to find their way out of the ashes.

This is our Klowa: strong, creative and resilient, like the people here.

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