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Botanie Valley Beeswax Candles Votive and Tea Light
Botanie Valley Beeswax Candle Votive
Botanie Valley Beeswax Candle Votive on White Backdrop

Botanie Valley Beeswax Candle

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Artisan: Frank Jährig
Composition: 100% pure beeswax
Diameter: 1½" across

Height: Tealight ⅝" - Votive 2"

Beekeeper Frank Jährig of Botanie Valley Honey makes these pure beeswax candles.

Frank is a master of detail. For each new candle, he tests samples for the perfect wick size and burn time. Then he carefully pours each candle with high quality wax from his own honeybees. 

Each candle is made of pure unadulterated local beeswax with a cotton wick.