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Years ago, I was given a spinning wheel and that got me interested in learning the craft from beginning to end: cleaning the fleece, washing, carding, creating rolags and spinning the wool into yarn.

This progressed to learning several methods of spinning, creating different weights of yarn and trying to spin with different fibres… even dog hair.

Meet the Artist

Lorna Fandrich

Lorna is a museum-keeper, businesswoman, and grandmother of five precious grandchildren; she spends her winter evenings spinning yarn beside the fire.

The many-step process of producing yarn is what first interested Lorna in her craft. With books, YouTube and a few other spinners, she taught herself to turn dirty sheeps’ fleece into yarn. Then she taught herself to weave, and starting producing beautiful fabrics made with her handspun yarn.

Lorna is the proprietor of the Lytton Chinese History Museum, which was lost in the Lytton Creek fire.

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