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My favourite things to make are large paintings with deep meaning, often following a feminine perspective, with intention of my own. The art will bring the viewer into the piece to explore their own vision.

Fires have changed my life so much that time and kindness seem to be the things in life with value. Finding the creative place to blossom from again will bring that change I need.

meet the artist

Kathleen Kinasewich

Kathleen is a healing mandala art facilitator who trained with the late Dr. Judith Cornell in San Jose, California, and now lives among the sagebrush of Spences Bridge.

Working with groups, Kathleen brings self-empowerment to participants through art. The same principle applies to her own life. She often creates in the circle, working with the flow of energy, the connection to something larger than life, watching as an art piece takes on its own life in the making.

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