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I stay busy living in the country with horses, chickens, a large vegetable garden, horse pasture and fruit orchard.  I love watching my bees and appreciate how hard they must work to make honey, but my favourite pastime is sipping wine beside Lake Bernard as I watch rainbow trout frolic in the crystal clear water.

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Bernie Fandrich

Bernie is a retired whitewater rafting pioneer who is now enjoying life with his wife Lorna on an acreage south of Lytton.

He encourages his bees to make honey, takes and edits photos, signs every copy of his Majestic Thompson River book, and transforms organically-grown apples into dried delicacies.

Bernie has lived in Lytton for almost 50 years and has seen forest fires come and go, but this year, the George Road fire burned through his property twice. Miraculously, both his home and orchard survived the fire.

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