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Ethical handmade.

Welcome to Klowa. We use sustainably-sourced materials to handmake art and luxury items in the little village of Lytton, BC, Canada.

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We love his hat and can feel the love that went into its creation. We're grateful for thoughtful, sustainable artists like you.

bheckjensen / Instagram

I like how it grips the head well but doesn’t squash you.  As well, it provides some protection from the elements but is not too hot, though I admit I did take it off while climbing with snowshoes...

Bev Kaiser / Gmail

I got my hat today!! It's so so sooooo beautiful. I love it. It's just ahhh. Thank you so much.

Blythe / Facebook


Klowa Art Café

350 Main Street, Lytton, BC

Open 7 days/week, 8am to 5pm

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